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First impression: “Like at home”, 9/10

Barely arrived in Bouilhac that Christophe Maury welcomes us with open arms. With his wife, this Perigordian fell in love with this former private mansion erected in 1654 in Montignac. The huge property is magnificent, carved out of blond stone, so typical of the region. Here reigns a warm atmosphere, where everyone comes and goes as they wish. Forget the bling-bling side and the pretense. The couple managed to restore the former property of Jean-Baptiste de Bouilhac – Louis XV’s doctor – while keeping its treasures. Cement tiles, period parquet floors, large fireplaces, stone staircases, Aubusson tapestry, windows…the traces of the past have been intelligently preserved and enhanced thanks to tastefully selected furniture and equipment. Emphasis has been placed on natural materials (linen, wood, stone) which decorate large rooms in a row. We find many elements of the Maison de Vacances brand, renowned for its chic bohemian inspirations, large nubuck armchairs, animal skins, huge rugs… In Bouilhac, we have the impression of returning to a big house. family where happy days flow along the Vézère, the river that runs alongside the establishment. We find this conviviality in the courtyard where jazz evenings take place throughout the summer.

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Strong point: The restaurant, 9.5/10

After several years spent in Haute-Savoie with the immense Marc Veyrat, chef Christophe Maury has drawn on his encounters, his travels and his qualities to concoct a cuisine that aims to be gastronomic, but “relaxed”. On the menu, there are both Périgord products (foie gras, chestnut pâté, tapenade) and original dishes. Once again, the master of the place wanted to emphasize a no-frills cuisine full of good ideas. The menu takes us on a walk in the woods, between a “country chat” menu at 59 euros or the “beloved” at 89 euros. New and heirloom vegetables intermingle, the rabbit is stuffed with truffles and foie gras, and the vegetable millefeuille is drizzled with a lamb’s lettuce coulis. Accuracy is respected. The quality is there. The story could end there. But in Bouilhac, you can enjoy yourself in a sumptuous setting, outside, on the large courtyard-terrace, or inside in vaulted rooms made of local stone. It is even possible to reserve the dining room in which there is a huge table and its Aubusson tapestry. To top it off, the service is top notch.

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What’s next after this ad

The rooms: 8.5/10

After five years of activity, the Maury couple have embarked on major extension work which will be completed in 2022. Thus, 7 large bedrooms have been added to the 10 already existing. 6 have been placed in an old adjoining barn which is accessed under an arbor of roses. Each room has its own atmosphere and for all of them, brick-coloured terracotta on the floor, milk-cream colored walls. Castle spirit always with these small Louis XV convertibles which inhabit them, covered with hemp sheets. Everything has been fine-tuned down to the last detail, such as the “coffee grinder” handles stored on salvaged doors. Draped in gauze at the windows… Like a beautiful flight of butterflies and birds to celebrate spring and the dawning summer. There are huge bathtubs and their shower column fixed to the ceiling. The sensation of water falling from the sky adds, once again, a “natural” touch to the place. The last bedroom – a family suite of 200 square meters – and its decor imagined from a painting representing the mail of King Louis XV, are inside the private mansion.

The high-tech Spa: 9/10

370 years of history are erased in a fraction of a second as soon as you pass the door of the spa. The Maury couple made the bet to bet on a modern place, equipped with latest generation machines acclaimed by the stars. On the program, GMP414 (passive metabolic gym), Wellness Spa-Hydrojet table (mental relaxation, relaxation & muscle recovery), Infra-Bike (active metabolic gym device, it burns 1300 calories in 30 minutes), Supra-Sculpt ( 30,000 muscle contractions in 30 min without effort), MYAE+ (ultrasound and electrostimulation)… Barbaric names that actually hide state-of-the-art equipment allowing you to sculpt your figure as well as possible and to have an anti-aging treatment. It is possible to carry out à la carte treatments, in complete autonomy, or to be accompanied by a specialist, in particular to establish a personalized assessment.

7-day course of body care (one to two treatments per day) – Express slimming and detox cure: 600 euros

MONDAY Assessment and measurement – Infrabike 30 min and GMP 30 min

TUESDAY Myae+ 45 min and Aquabike 30 min

WEDNESDAY Supra-sculpt 30 min and GMP 45 min

THURSDAY Myae+ 45 min and infrabike 30 min

FRIDAY Supra-sculpt 30 min and GMP 45 min

SATURDAY Myae+ 45 min and Aquabike 30 min

SUNDAY End of the program with GMP 40 min and Hydrojet 40 min and review with measurements taken.

Experiences not to be missed

A short canoe trip on the Vézère with “Canoës APA” to observe castles and exceptional buildings while gliding through a screen of nature. And discover the village of Terrasson and its old shops of craftsmen. Pass by “The Gallery” where young contemporary artists exhibit and sell their original creations.

The number: 7

This is the number of months it took to complete all the work for the new extension. A record achievement.

The Instagram spot

On the stone stairs of the old hotel. Wonderful place.

You can come across…

Catherine Frot, Gerard Depardieu or Guillaume Musso.

We would like to take…

The huge period mirror in the “Le Chant du Rossignol” room.

We regret…

The road a little too busy in front of the hotel.

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From 175 euros per night.

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