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The vegan and vegetarian movements are gaining more and more visibility. Now, 150 restaurants claim this choice, and this also affects gastronomy.

This is the kingdom of corks, good food and pork. In Lyon (Rhône), there is also an amazing place: Culina Hortus, a 100% vegetarian gourmet restaurant. In the kitchen, neither meat nor fish. A challenge for Adrien Zedda, a 27-year-old chef who has become an expert in vegetables. “For a chef, it’s exciting, because what drives us is creation, doing things that others haven’t done yet.“, he declares.

The young chef enjoys exploring new flavors, exploring herbs. On the menu that day: a starter with mushrooms. “It is a mousseline of mushrooms, petals of Roscoff onions, veil of mushroom milk in yellow wine, with a full-bodied juice à la Bercin”, details Adrien Zedda. This unique menu is sold for 35 euros, and includes seven dishes at lunch. The restaurant is full two months in advance and at the table, customers are not necessarily vegetarians. This cuisine is emulated: at the Ducasse school, vegetarian courses are now part of the program.

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