[Vidéo] A dog hanging on the back of a swimming moose

We all know stubborn hunting dogs, whether on rappel or on the farm, for example, but in the video you are about to see, we are clearly talking about the most obstinate dog in the world.

Difficult to locate this video, it was published by a dog breeder in the Czech Republic and shows a hunting dog on the back of a moose….. swimming! The surrealist scene most certainly takes place in a country in northern Europe, such as Finland for example.

Let’s come back to this dog now, the latter does not just “surf” on the back of the animal but tries to bite it as much as he can without being afraid of the “kicks” that the deer makes to try to free himself from his stowaway.

Considering the difference in size between the animals, the moose should not be seriously injured and one can assume that once arriving on dry land this dog stops his crazy adventure, unless he wants to then go rodeo!

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