VIDEO – “In the end it was a nightmare”: he lost 52,000 euros on the OmegaPro trading site

Antoine lost 52,000 euros on OmegaPro, a cryptocurrency site that thousands of people have filed complaints against.
A TF1 team went to meet him.

“It’s hurting yourself for nothing”, Antoine says with a tight throat as he walks past real estate ads. This forty-year-old dreamed of buying a house and lost 52,000 euros on a cryptocurrency website. Her name ? Omega Pro. A platform discovered through an ad on social networks that promises an unmatched return, +300% in 16 months.

“I saw this opportunity as a good plan. We tell ourselves that it’s a little crazy to triple your investment in a year and a half.” recognizes Antoine. After investing 12,000 euros in 2022, giving a promising start, he reinvested 40,000 euros. But a few months later, in July 2023, the site and its money disappear. “I got caught up in an adventure that ended up being a nightmare”apologizes to the person concerned.

An incentive pyramid system

When it was launched in 2019, the creators of OmegaPro tried to appear credible, appearing in pictures with the princely family of Dubai and claiming the support of movie stars and football legends. However, soon after the creation of the platform, many countries, including France, placed it on their blacklist, especially for its promotion of “unrealistic gains“.

She lived in Dubai and sought refuge in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (in North America), then in Panama. In four years, the site has attracted customers worldwide, including thousands in France. “These are victims who lost 1000 euros for some, 150,000 euros for others, 170,000 euros.” reports Maître Marc Halard, representing more than 250 people.

Bankers, advisers who would have enriched themselves on the backs of their clients thanks to the OmegaPro pyramid scheme. “Each time other investors enter the scam, we move up the pyramid until we reach a rank called ‘Top Manager’.”, the lawyer describes in the report at the top of this article. According to him, about twenty top executives made their fortunes by deliberately deceiving their customers.

I might even deserve to go to court

Former top manager

Today, one of the top managers apologizes in a video posted on the Internet. “I think we were complicit in something terrible and I have remained silent until today because I made a lot of money from the network and I could even deserve to go to court, be convicted and maybe even punished.”he explains in the video.

In a photo posted to a private discussion group, another manager boasts of receiving $7,540 a week (7,000 euros). More than eight months after the disappearance of OmegaPro, its founders are still at large and thousands of French investors have no news of their complaint.

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If regional investigations have been launched in France, the prosecutor’s office in Paris has not yet opened any. Jurisdictions specializing in economic crime refuse to take on a case they consider too complex. “They tell us it would take a lot of time, but it’s up to them to take their time (…) Not sentencing the people who committed these offenses means they have to start over forever.” protests lawyer Marc-Antoine Aimard.

MT | TF1 report: Julien Cressens, Quentin Danjou and Nicolas Martineau

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