VIDEO. Near Toulouse, cheetah “races” at the zoological park of Plaisance-du-Touch

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In Plaisance-du-Touch (Haute-Garonne), visitors can admire the speed of cheetahs during “races” organized at the zoo. The Midi Dispatch attended one of these performances a few days before its launch.

A start on the hats of wheels. From this Saturday, July 9, visitors will be able to come and admire cheetah races at the zoological park of Plaisance-du-Touch, near Toulouse. A remote-controlled lure system has been set up by the park to stimulate the curiosity of the cheetahs and encourage them to enter the race. Felines are reputed to be the fastest land mammals in the world: their speed can easily reach 115 kilometers per hour at peak.

Preserving the natural instinct of cheetahs

For nearly 800 meters, the four cheetahs Sheldon, Howard, Rajesh and Léonard rush at full speed to catch up with a decoy piloted by park staff. The objective of this unprecedented installation: to preserve the natural instinct of felines and their good physical health, in the hope of one day reintroducing their descendants into natural environments. The four cheetahs, which evolve in a new enclosure, are naturally rewarded after their races. Everything is visible from a newly built panoramic walkway for the public.

As a reminder, cheetahs represent a species classified as “vulnerable” by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). The cheetah population present in the wild does not currently exceed 6,700 individuals.

Visitors can watch these cheetah races every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 11:30 a.m. in July and August.

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