VIDEO. Toulouse: we tested the best kebab in France

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Recently designated as the best kebab in France by the specialist site, the Déliozioso stands out from the crowd. La Dépeche du Midi went to the Toulouse establishment.

It is not yet noon. However, this Thursday, the shot has already started in the kitchen. Over the years, the Delizioso kebab, located at 1 impasse André-Marfaing, near Paul-Sabatier University in Toulouse, has seen its attendance increase. But a few days ago, it exploded.

The establishment, which has been open since 1999, has been crowned the best kebab in France according to the website, which is based on customer reviews. “It’s nice, it rewards more than 22 years of work. Today, people from the city center come to eat with us,” rejoices David Guedria, the manager.

The product of 22 years of work

In front of the counter, about twenty customers are waiting for their order. The star menu costs 9.80 euros and includes a kebab, fries and a drink. All homemade. The manager explains that he owes his success to quality ingredients. Every morning, David Guedria arrives at 6 o’clock. He cuts the potatoes, marinates the kebab meat, kneads the bread and pizza dough and then prepares the white sauce. “It takes years to make a good kebab. Ours is 100% homemade. Everything is fresh. We go directly as close as possible to the producers”, argues the manager.

The concept works. Without distorting the traditional “salad-tomato-onion” recipe, Déliozoso brings a new touch of freshness. The real plus of the kebab remains its crispy bread au gratin and its homemade white sauce.

At the table, a customer who has heard of “the best kebab in town” assures us that the meat is “excellent”. His friend opposite praises the quality of the fries. Faced with a queue that stretches several meters, some turn back. “I’ll be back during the week, that’s for sure”, assures Thierry, a curious person.

A light kebab will be on the menu

David Guedria now wants to diversify his offer. It will soon be offering new products with light or avocado kebabs. “We are also going to offer new formulas and recipes. We are also looking to settle near the city center. To be able to make themselves known even more”. In the meantime, David Guedria intends to continue serving his 100 daily kebabs.

Information: Delizioso, located at 1 impasse André-Marfaing, near Paul-Sabatier University in Toulouse.

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