Virtua Fighter revisited by the AI, Hugh Jackman is preparing for Deadpool 3 and a Tesla in boat mode: this is the recap

Virtua Fighter revisited by the AI, the training of Hugh Jackman who prepares for Deadpool 3 to reincarnate Wolverine and a Tesla in boat mode which escapes from a flood, it is the recap.

Today in the recap. An AI took care of revisiting the characters of Virtua Fighter. Hugh Jackman took a photo of himself in training for Deadpool 3. The owner of a Tesla filmed himself driving on a flooded road.

Artificial Intelligence Transforms Virtua Fighter Characters

Fans of 90’s arcade terminals will appreciate: here is Virtua Fighter, a fighting game whose characters are lined with polygons, erased using an AI.

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Hugh Jackman is training hard to reincarnate Wolverine in Deadpool 3

While Hugh Jackman’s big return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 is confirmed, the actor has just released a first image of him in full training on his Instagram account.

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He escapes from a flood in his Tesla

Teslas are briefly capable of driving on flooded roads, as Elon Musk has already revealed in the past. In the midst of Hurricane Ian, driver Jeremy Judkins filmed himself driving through a flooded road in his Tesla Model X.

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