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Since the Model S was launched in 2012, the Californian brand Tesla has methodically rolled out its range from top to bottom. In this relentless industrial logic, a compact sedan is next on the list. We have already imagined her silhouette and taken stock of what is expected of her.

Like Russian dolls, Tesla models unfolded from top to bottom. The groundbreaking Model S (4.97m) was launched in 2012, it has since undergone a first restyling in 2016 and then a second in 2021. A shorter Model 3 (4.69m) followed suit in 2017, this latter even has become the best-selling family sedan in the segment in Europe, overcoming many thermal rivals established for decades, boosting a declining market. Ditto on the SUV side with the Model X (5.04m) and its famous Falcon Wings doors which appeared in 2015, complemented in 2020 by the Model Y (4.75m), the latter is, in a sense, the tall alter ego of the Model 3.

Named Model 2 or not, this compact is essential for Tesla

The future Tesla Model 2 will not arrive until 2024.© Didier RIC

But there is still one thing missing in Tesla’s electric arc, namely a compact sedan that could please even more customers. For a while called the Model 2, this “Golf” for Tesla was finally to adopt a completely different last name. Moreover, it was originally supposed to be unveiled in 2023, but Elon Musk, the brand’s charismatic if not controversial big boss, postponed the launch to 2024. In any case, this Tesla, perfectly calibrated for Europe as for China, will be able to hold its own against Volkswagen ID.3 – restyled in a few months – Renault Mégane E-Tech electric but also Cupra Born and MG4. A new territory where the Californian brand will legitimately speak its mind.

For the assembly of its compact sedan two Gigafactory, at Tesla we no longer say factory, at Renault either now, one in Berlin, the other in Shanghai will be used. Ultimate question, what will be the price of Tesla Model 2? In other words, will it be as competitive as an MG4? Doubt is allowed. Finally, on the technical level, architectures with an electric machine or a “twin engine” configuration will be on the agenda, at the top of the range to become a real Golf GTI, or even a full watt Golf R!

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Published it 26/12/2022 Up to date 26/12/2022

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