We tell you all about this four-star hotel that welcomes cats in Nice

One, tabby, plays with a host of toys. The other, black and white, snores in her cozy basket. Coco and Bella are having happy days at Dodo Cat. A hotel entirely dedicated to cats and their well-being. A magnificent place, brand new, clean, odorless and hairless but vibrant with love, laid out over 100m2 at 8, rue Niepce, by Priscilla Nadot and Marie Preville. Two crazy cats. Not stingy with kisses and hugs.

The first has been managing, since 2015, the Purr, cat cafe rue de Lépante. She led the second, a marketing specialist, in her adventure in the form of a hotel coming out of the purr.

A formula that already exists in the region, especially in Gattières and Carros, and which therefore seems to be growing.

Our team went to the site, on velvet feet, to find out more about this luxury, Japanese-style and very Zen accommodation. Both managers answered our questions. Without hissing.

Why a hotel for cats?

“To meet the growing demand, in particular from La Ronronnerie customers, wishing to keep their cat(s) in Nice. Which is not always easy in town. The hotel offers an accommodation solution nearby year-round.”

Who are the masters?

“People who go on vacation, have to move, be hospitalized… The profiles are variable. People come and drop off the cat(s), which we keep for a minimum of one day and for an indefinite period.”

Four-legged residents have all kinds of facilities at their disposal for a comfortable stay. Photo PL.

How is this hotel different from a pension?

“Most pensions are not in the city center like our hotel which, moreover, offers top-of-the-range service.”

What does it look like?

“We have 15 individual rooms of nearly 3m² in area and 2.60m high for cats to jump or climb structures. They are made of oak wood, with soft lighting, glass door and airy wooden slats .Per room there is a cat or two, if they come from the same household.”

Everything that’s necessary.

What’s in a bedroom?

“Shelf, hiding place, cushion, water fountain, litter box, bowl.”

Do cats remain confined to their cozy universe?

“No, only at night when we close the glass door. During the day, we are there and, in order for them to have fun and relax, we take them out into the play area, which is common only to vaccinated cats , wormed and who get along well. They have toys, scratching posts, trees, toys, wheel…”

Do you provide care?

“We adapt to all diets. We brush, we cut the claws, we can put drops, give medicine… A grooming room is planned later.”

The 100m² hotel is located in the heart of Nice at 8, rue Niepce. Photo PL.

And in case of illness?

“We do not accept serious pathologies or unsterilized cats. If a boarder falls ill or is injured here at the hotel, we have an appointed veterinarian who can get in touch with the owners of the animal if it is necessary, for example, to operate. The payment is made later.”

How much does it cost?

“Per day: 22 euros outside school holidays, and 29 euros in high season. Croquettes and litter included. To this are added options: 10 euros brushing on short hairs, 20 euros on long hairs for the entire stay and we have also a camera to which the master can connect via a link that we send and for 15 euros. But we also communicate by email and WhatsApp.”


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