What do we know about new Tesla models?

Since 2021, Tesla has made a habit of making modifications to its electric vehicles. We provide you with a summary of the new features expected or observed on the new Tesla models. The opportunity to take stock.

Tesla Model 2

Tesla is preparing a brand new electric car: the Model 2. The Tesla Model 2 will definitely be a family autonomous vehicle cheaper than the current Tesla offer. The brand is indeed aiming for the symbolic threshold of 25,000 dollars..

When is the Tesla Model 2 released?

For the time being Tesla has not revealed exactly when the famous Model 2 will be put on the market. It can nevertheless be expected that the vehicle will not really be marketed before 2023 even 2024. Before that, the firm must deliver two other vehicles announced in recent years: the Tesla Roadster, and the Tesla Cybertruck.

What is the Model 2 spec sheet?

Precise information is beginning to fall on the technical characteristics of the Model 2. First of all, we know that this car will be fully autonomous when it comes out – i.e. a level 4 or 5 autonomous driving. Which means Tesla has yet to demonstrate and certify its technology when in 2022 its cars mostly have Level 2 autonomy at the moment.

What is the range of the Tesla Model 2?

According to several sources, Tesla should offer battery packs in the range of 45-50 kWh delivering a range of 400 km. Which more or less the same autonomy as the Renault 5, expected as one of the most convincing competitors of this vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 2022

The Tesla Model 3 Propulsion vintage 2022 changes its battery, its motor and shows low consumption. But this version of access loses its main argument : its attractive price and maximum bonus.

The Tesla Model 3 continues its incessant evolution

It all starts with the heart of the car. Exit the lithium-ion battery, eclipsed in favor of an LFP block (lithium-iron-phosphate) which therefore avoids the use of cobalt. The cross-checks indicate a net capacity of 57 kWh (60 gross) for the new Model 3 Propulsion battery.

The second size change is electric motor replacement by the one found on the rear axle of the Performance version; a block of the synchronous type with permanent magnet and liquid cooling. The 0 to 100 km / h is indeed indicated in 6.1 s against 5.6 s previously. But we will see that, flying in hand, this basic Model 3 still has many resources.

Price Tesla Model 3 Propulsion 2022

It’s the waltz of prices in the automobile… and not in a good way. The Model 3 suffers more than the others from inflation with three successive price increases since the end of 2021. From €43,800 with a bonus of €6,000, the amount has risen to €49,990, including the bonus reduced to €2,000. In a few weeks, the American has therefore inflated its price by €10,190!

Autonomy Tesla Model 3 2022

With its change of battery and motor, the Model 3 Propulsion has an improved WLTP range of 510 km compared to 448 previously. Value that goes down to 491 km with the optional 19-inch wheels. The American stands out since no sedan of its rank had so far fallen below the 20 kWh per 100 km mark, which induces a real autonomy of 295 km on the highway.

The result is even more remarkable on the road course with 14 kWh per 100 km and a real autonomy of 407 km considering the battery capacity. If these ranges are far from what the higher versions can do (Great Autonomy and Performance), we still have with this basic Model 3 a great versatility to do the week without recharging.

Tesla Model X 2022

As of mid-2020, there are no no more that is manufactured and delivered for Europe. Therefore, Model X sales have been flat for about 18 months…

Autonomy and price

The Tesla Model X has 560 kilometers of range announced for the most enduring version, and 536 kilometers for the Plaid version.

Count 10,000 euros more for the same configuration as the Model S, i.e. a starting price of 109,990 euros, and a Plaid version which will require 139,990 euros before even choosing the slightest option.

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