what happened to the animals after the shooting of the film?

Canal + offers this evening to discover The wolf and the lion, a new nugget signed Gilles de Maistre in which he spins…real animals. What have they become since the shooting?

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Released on October 13, 2021 and unreleased on television, The wolf and the lion – offered this evening on Canal + – follows the story of Alma, a young virtuoso who, while at boarding school in New York, learns that her grandfather, who had taken care of her at the death of his parents, has just died. She decides to leave everything to attend his funeral on the Canadian island where he lived. There, she discovers that her grandfather left her a video, where he tells her that for some time a wolf has been living not far from her house and that they have gradually become friends. At the same time, a storm breaks out and a plane, carrying a lion cub in particular, is forced to land in disaster. The lion cub, freed during the accident, begins to roam the island…

Real wild animals…and great logistics

Despite a classic scenario, The Wolf and the Lion captivates with its wild landscapes and its irresistible duo of predators of astonishing complicity, all without special effects. Because for this film, Gilles de Maistre did not do things by halves. With the help of the animal coordinator Andrew Simpson (who worked on Belle and Sebastian or the series Game Of Thrones), the director was able to shoot with real animals, which necessarily required relentless logistics and extraordinary organization. Especially since the filming – impacted by the pandemic – lasted two years!

What happened to the animals in the film?

Once the film was in the box, Andrew Simpson, the trainers and the entire production thought about what would be best for the animals in the film. Quickly everyone concluded that releasing them into the wild without being able to ensure follow-up was impossible (even irresponsible). From then on, a solution was imposed: entrust them to Andrew Simpson, who collected them on his reserve, in Alberta. A nice conclusion for these furballs, with whom the animal coordinator had forged strong ties…

A film to discover on Canal+

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