What is this AI tool worth for crypto trading?

AlphaScan is a sentiment analysis platform that allows you to measure the popularity and performance of a token or crypto on social networks, including Twitter and Telegram. It has a trading bot that allows you to automate buying and selling strategies based on the analyzed data. AlphaScan is especially useful for investors and traders who want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the crypto market. Zoom in on this innovative AI crypto tool!


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AlphaScan is a crypto tool based on artificial intelligence. Its primary mission is to collect, filter and analyze information from hundreds of Twitter accounts and Telegram channels related to tokens and cryptocurrencies.

More explicitly, AlphaScan assesses the overall sentiment, frequency and impact of mentions. It also studies the performance of crypto-tokens after they have been recommended or mentioned by influencers or reliable sources.

The goal :

  • Create a ranking of the best influencers on Twitter and Telegram
  • Create a list of the hottest and most profitable crypto tokens

Thanks to the various analyses, AlphaScan users will have the opportunity to snipe tokens as soon as the tool detects a positive sentiment around them. To do this, he suggests:

  • real-time alerts,
  • leaderboards,
  • indicators.

At the same time, these facilitate decision-making.

AlphaScan has its own trading bot

On the AlphaScan platform it is possible to use a trading bot for automatically execute buy and sell orders on decentralized exchanges (or DEX).

AlphaScan’s trading bot uses advanced algorithms to maximize profits and minimize risks. It runs on the Arbitrum sidechain.

What about the ASCN token?

YES ! Like any crypto platform worthy of the name, AlphaScan also has its own native token: ASCN. It serves both as utility token and governance token.

Specifically, the ASCN crypto token allows users to:

  • take advantage of service fee reductions,
  • get access to exclusive features,
  • participate in collective decisions,
  • receive rewards.

For now, ASCN has the crypto token a maximum supply of 100 million units. 50 million have been burned by the end of August 2023.

At the time of writing, the ASCN token is trading around $0.055 with a market cap of around $800,000 (according to CoinMarketCap data).

The AlphaScan platform aims to revolutionize the crypto sector by offering users quality analysis as well as effective trading tools. It stands out for its sentiment-based approach, which allows it to capture trends and opportunities in the crypto market.

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