Why Experts See AltSignal’s Presale as the Next Big AI Cryptocurrency Token

Cryptocurrency experts see artificial intelligence (AI) as the next big innovation in the blockchain industry. Crypto projects harnessing the power of AI with blockchain are seeing a huge surge in popularity among investors in the first half of 2023. This is because they are looking to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of this exciting new potential crypto growth sector. Trading signal platform AltSignals has growth potential in this market and recently announced the sale of its native ASI token to complement the development and impending release of its exciting new AI-powered trading system, ActualizeAI.

ASI is poised to revolutionize the cryptocurrency markets

After launching in 2017, AltSignals has steadily developed into one of the world’s largest providers of trading signals across multiple markets. The company is moving even further by boosting its market-leading AltAlgo™ indicator tool with a brand new AI-powered trading system called ActualizeAI. The goal is to enable highly accurate and successful launches and exits of AltAlgo™, which has delivered 10x returns on Binance Futures trades in 19 out of 32 months. This is made possible by using AI technology to help traders make more profitable trading decisions.

The platform recently launched the presale of its brand new ASI token to support the development of ActualizeAI. Early signs suggest it could be the next AI crypto token on the market. Currently in Phase 1 of their presale event, AltSignals has already raised $739,000 and is now available for just $0.015 per token.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is one of the largest and most accurate trading signal providers delivering amazing results to its growing community of over 52,000 people. Over the past 5 years, it has provided its members with the tools to understand how to trade, enabling them to make well-informed and profitable decisions. So far, the AltAlgo™ tool has provided real-time trading signals across various markets, including cryptocurrency markets, CFDs, Forex, Binance futures and traditional stock trading.

To improve the frequency and accuracy of its trading signals from the current average of 64% to a target of 80%, AltSignals is developing its advanced ActualizeAI system, which will leverage the best of a variety of features to bring its trading signals on a higher level.

For example, ActualizeAI will use predictive modeling to predict future trends based on historical data, while machine learning will work behind the scenes to make immediate improvements and apply rule-based logic to generate signals. NLP (Natural Language Processing) will improve the system’s ability to learn and combine with factor analysis to improve the volume and accuracy of the trading signals provided. As AI technology improves, the accuracy of trading signals provided by AltSignals will also improve.

In addition, reinforcement learning will be applied to balance the risk/reward ratio, giving users access to the optimal buy and sell prices for their assets. Finally, ActualizeAI constantly analyzes the markets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide users with the most reliable and up-to-date information while continuing to improve the quality and accuracy of its trading signals. data is available and added by the algorithms. This new feature illustrates why ASI is considered the next important AI crypto token.

The ASI token will power the entire AltSignals ecosystem, including the flagship trading system ActualizeAI. Token holders with more than 50,000 coins automatically get lifetime access to ActualizeAI releases, while those with less stake get access for one year. In addition to helping users trade volatile crypto markets, ASI token holders gain expanded utility with their holding and full governance voting rights on community-led proposals to determine the future direction of the platform. .

ASI token holders can also access several exclusive special features through the AI-VIP members club. This exclusive online trading community will allow members to unlock access to the most exciting and exclusive private and public pre-sale events and participate in potentially lucrative trading tournaments. AI Club members will also be invited to beta test new features and automated systems before they get exclusive early access when they launch to help them make profitable decisions.

How far can ASI go?

AltSignals is in a good position, having already developed an outstanding reputation, illustrated by its 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot since 2017. It is a highly trusted provider of trading signals, and with a growing community, the ASI token has the advantage of an established base to support the launch.

With investors looking for AI’s next big crypto token, ActualizeAI will enable surefire success for AltSignals and ASI. Investors also benefit from the rich potential of the ActualizeAI trading system, which can make AltSignals a major leader in the blockchain/AI space. The benefits of using AI technology to help investors and traders maximize their profitability seem obvious to many, hence the early popularity of its pre-sale.

With this exciting level of interest expected to grow significantly as AltSignals’ project plan continues, many experts predict that ASI will be the next colossal AI crypto token, with prices of $0.50 likely to rise. to be reached by the end of 2023. Some bullish predictions also envision $1. This would represent huge returns for the most sophisticated investors.

Optimize your trading investments with ASI

AltSignals is clearly one of the new crypto investment projects with significant growth potential, not only with its compelling use case, but also in its early adoption of new cutting-edge AI technologies. With blockchain looking like a great development environment for AI, platforms that can deliver AI are growing and looking to become very lucrative platforms. In addition to giving experienced traders the tools to make informed decisions, beginners can also use AltSignals’ excellent trading signals to take their first steps into the industry.

Therefore, ASI’s position as a potentially exciting new crypto-AI token appears to be secured as 2023 dawns.

You can participate in the ASI pre-sale here.

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