Why is Brasserie Georges, a must-see restaurant in Lyon, a hit in Perrache?

Brasserie Georges in Perrache is one of Lyon’s most popular restaurants. (©Anthony SOUDANI / News Lyon)

Do you know the Georges Brewery, next to the Perrache train station, in Lyon? If you are from Lyon, most certainly. This restaurant is one of the best known in the capital of Gaul. Its director, Jacky Gallmann, tells us what makes it an incredible success.

Its huge sign shines. Hundreds of people are still eating inside on Monday evening, around 10:30 p.m. “Since the recovery after the Covid-19, it has been always full”, notes the general manager, present at the head of the brewery since 2002.

“We make 1,200 covers a day, it’s huge”

2022 is going to be an exceptional year for the Lyon restaurant. “We make 1,200 covers per day on average, it’s huge. We have the activity of one of the biggest breweries in France,” he says.

It must be said that the Brasserie Georges is a real monument in Lyon. Built in 1836 by Georges, an Alsatian brewer, the establishment is one of the oldest in the city. He has always wanted to be popular “in the noble sense of the term”.

“You can see a painter and a boss of the Cac 40”

“It’s a real living space where people mix and mingle. You can see a painter and a boss of the Cac 40 or a politician. I really like this mix because it’s not always the case in society,” rejoices Jacky Gallmann.

The Brasserie Georges is above all a family story for the people of Lyon. The grandparents took their grandchildren, who in turn took their children.

Affordable menus: “I want to remain a popular brasserie”

The menus remain affordable: from 23.50 to 28 euros for the most expensive. “I have clients who have means, but I have to remain accessible to people who pay attention. People, on weekdays, who are limited by their business. I need everyone. I want to remain a popular brewery. When you’re 18, with not much in your pockets, you can come without breaking the bank. »

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For dessert, we recommend the floating island or their specialty, the Norwegian omelet.
For dessert, we recommend the floating island or their specialty, the Norwegian omelet. (©Anthony Soudani / News Lyon)

Brasserie Georges takes reservations every day. It is advisable to book when there are more than six, and it is better to do so in advance. “If there are two of you and you come without booking, there is a 20-minute wait during the week. On Saturday evening, it can take up to 40 minutes… But on weekends, it’s best to book a month in advance. »

The perfect place to celebrate your birthday

Rest assured, “in any case, you will always eat”. Jacky Gallmann watches over the grain so that all the guests are served. On weekends, the last service is at midnight.

Many come to celebrate their birthday. The Brasserie Georges turns off the lights and, on Saturdays, an orchestra plays a song. “One evening, we made fifty,” recalls the manager, who appreciates seeing his restaurant still full of life.

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