Will a carrier pigeon lost in the Mediterranean find its owner thanks to La Dépêche?

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During a carrier pigeon race which was to connect Narbonne to Belgium at the end of July, a storm broke causing the disorientation of a large number of these birds. One of them was found off Sardinia on the sailboat of a couple of tourists from Toulouse who tracked him down thanks to… La Dépêche du Midi.

On July 29, 26,000 racing pigeons were released for a race that was to link Narbonne to Belgium. Organized by The Independent of Liege, the international competition was however cut short when thousands of birds were disturbed by a storm that occurred a few tens of kilometers from the start. When we know that these racing pigeons can be worth thousands of euros and that their breeding takes two or three years, we understand that the president of the Belgian pigeon racing federation, Pascal Bodengien, declared on television in his country that he it was an “emotional and financial drama”.

However, in this misfortune, a beautiful story intervened, since a French family found one of the pigeons… in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, at the opposite, therefore, of the Flat country. Originally from Toulouse, Christine Gauthrot and her husband are yachtsmen from Port-Leucate (Aude). At the end of July they set off on their sailboat towards Sardinia. While they are halfway through, and therefore in the open sea, a pigeon tries to land on their boat. “We were very surprised to see a bird all alone so far from the coast”, testifies Christine.

A pigeon… German

After a hesitation the pigeon lands on the sailboat and approaches the humans. “He looked exhausted so we decided to give him water and bread,” says the boater. Along the way that remained to be traveled, the bird did not leave the couple. Ditto since the people of Toulouse landed in Sardinia.

Our interlocutors have therefore been dealing with this strange cohabitation for about ten days. Every day Christine and her husband leave the port to go on excursions and the bird stays at the quay. In the evening, as soon as they return, the pigeon returns to the boat… Intrigued by this behavior, the two tourists inquired: “We did not understand how this bird had ended up here until the day we saw your article on this pigeon race which took place in Narbonne the day after our departure”. And there, reading our paper telling the story of the race that turns into disaster, it’s the click.

Christine Gauthrot decides to call the French pigeon racing federation, she provides them with the registration number attached to the pigeon’s leg (DV21034771). The verdict falls, it is indeed a domestic pigeon… German. Three days ago, they therefore contacted the German federation but since then, no news.

In the impasse, the couple therefore decided to contact the press in order to find a solution to save this pigeon. “We would like it to find its owner or to be taken care of”, testifies Christine. In any case, very soon, the two Toulousains will leave Sardinia and they are worried about the fate which could be reserved for the animal: “We have three days of crossing, if he leaves with us and that he fly away, he will not survive.”

If you have information to help this lost German pigeon, please send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

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