Will the Paul Bocuse Institute lose its name?

According to information from Progressthe son of Paul Bocuse requested a fee from the school but the amount of the latter would be too high.

A name change in the pipes? The famous Paul Bocuse institute, located in Écully in the Rhône, could soon no longer be named after the pope of French gastronomy, according to information from the Progress.

Jérôme Bocuse, son of Paul and owner of his late father’s name, requested a fee from the Institute so that the latter could continue to use this surname.

Too much amount

If the amount of this fee remains confidential, it would however be too high for the school. At least that’s what Dominique Giraudier, director of the establishment, told our colleagues.

“An agreement was signed in 2002 by Paul Bocuse and Gérard Pélisson, both invested in the creation and development of the school, which allowed the name to be used until 2037”, can we read in their columns.

Dominique Giraudier also recalls that the establishment is an association which does not have the means to pay the sum requested. For this reason, the director of the Paul Bocuse Institute refused the request of the son of the chef even if he claims to be in an “attitude of appeasement and dialogue”.

“An ancient story”

This information worries the side of the school and the words of Dominique Giraudier have since reacted. Paul-Maurice Morel, associate general manager of the Bocuse breweries and restaurants and general secretary of the Institute’s alumni for more than 20 years, said that “it’s ridiculous” and “it’s not the truth”.

As for Jérôme Bocuse’s lawyer, she declared to be “astonished” by the statements of the director of the establishment to the Progress.

“It’s an old story, which dates back to Paul Bocuse. Today Jérôme Bocuse is the guarantor of the name, of the memory that the name embodies and of respect for his father’s wishes on this subject. Today, justice will do its job,” she said.

The case will actually be judged at the end of the year before the courts. A state-recognized school of higher education, the Paul Bocuse Institute has borne the name of the late chef since 2002. A surname that has greatly contributed to his fame.

Mélanie Ferreira and Arthur Blet with Marine Langlois

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