With her bewitching beauty, this chimera cat is causing a stir on social networks

A cat with a two-tone face, Venus also has odd eyes. This surprising combination of colors and patterns makes her a one-of-a-kind cat with an irresistible charm. Venus is what is called a chimera cat.

When we come across the portraits of Venus, we are immediately struck by the unusual appearance of his face. The latter is, in fact, split in 2, perfectly delimited in its center with a half of black color and another red, reports Newsweek.

That’s not all ; this cat also has heterochromic eyes, or minnows. That is, they have different colors. One is green and the other is blue in this case.

They are millions of Internet users to admire it on its account TikTokentitled Venus Two Face Cat. Understand: Venus the cat with two faces.

One of the videos of her posted on the social network has also become particularly viral. There she is :


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♬ All Eyes On Me – Bo Burnham

The sequence shows the unique charm of this feline, but it also serves to prove that the images of Venus posted in the past are genuine. It would seem, in fact, that some Internet users have questioned the veracity of these photos. The video also continues with a series of shots of the animal when he was still a very young kitten, in 2009.

The result of the fusion of 2 embryos

Venus is a “chimera cat”. Its particularity, it owes it to the fusion of 2 embryos which occurred during the pregnancy of its mother.

Illustration of the article: With its bewitching beauty, this chimera cat is causing a stir on social networks
Venus Two Face Cat / TikTok

If his face is divided in 2, the rest of his body, on the other hand, is more uniform. Its coat is red with diluted black markings, placing it somewhere between tabby (tabby) and tortoiseshell.

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