World of Warcraft is getting a new Trading Post feature that rewards you with cosmetic items

Despite being released over 18 years ago, World of Warcraft is still going strong, and a few weeks ago players of the popular MMORPG got a chance to explore a new world called the Dragon Isles in the latest World of Warcraft : Dragonflight expansion.

Now Blizzard has added a new feature to the game called Trading Post.

The trading post can be found in the main cities of Stormwind and Orgrimmar and allows you to earn new cosmetic items such as transmogs, pets and mounts. Articles will be rotated monthly.

Interestingly, Blizzard writes that Trading Post is “not limited by current game content,” so you can also expect to see cosmetic items that were previously available in the game but have since been removed.

To get your hands on the goods, you must use the merchant’s offer. The new in-game currency can be obtained by completing monthly objectives in the Trader’s Journal or simply by visiting the Trading Post once a month.

You can read all about the new feature in a new blog post on the game’s official page.

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