You can finally exceed the limit of 19 euros on your ticket-restaurant card

To avoid having to do math when deciding whether or not to fall for a dessert, and to avoid apothecary accounts at the checkout by paying in two instalments at the risk of being sent off by the restaurateur, the card app ticket-resto Edenred (and we are told that Swile too) has found a solution.

Rather than paying with two cards if you have exceeded 19 euros, Edenred suggests that you link your bank card to your ticket-resto account. How it works ? By entering your bank details in the app, your ticket-restaurant card is “uncapped” and allows you to pay up to an additional 50 euros per bill (capped at 150 euros per month for the moment), by debiting the “excess” of your bank account. Convenient so as not to pass for a clamp to your next date.

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