‘You’re an idiot’: The moment Elon Musk loses his temper

Elon Musk lost his temper when asked a pointed question about Twitter’s software development on Tuesday night, before calling his interlocutor a “cretin”, the Daily Mail reports.

The billionaire owner of the platform – who recently announced that he was stepping down as CEO – spoke during a Twitter Spacehosted by the famous hacker George Hotzwhen you tap for more specific details by Ian Brown, who worked at Twitter for eight years and is now at Netflix.

In response to a question from Hotz, Musksaid that Twitter would need a “total rewriting of the whole“if the platform wanted to have one”really high speed“.

This prompted a surprising response from Ian Brown, who had the floor. Wait, seriously, a total rewrite? Is that your prediction for speed? have Brown interrupted. We hear Musk answer the question quickly: “Yes”.

Well, when you say total rewrite, do you mean start with the skeleton? have reacted Hotz in the query. Or a group of engineers sit down with a whiteboard and say “What is Twitter?“. Revolution or reform?

After thinking about the question, Musk answered: “I just think you can literally either try to change the ‘crazy stack’ that exists or rewrite it. Brown saw this as another opportunity to ask a question and say:When you say stack crazy womanWhat would you say ?

Simply put, a stack is a technical term for the set of technologies used to create a software product like Twitter.

Musk responds by asking Brown if he has seen a diagram made of Hotzwho had resigned from Twitter earlier in the day. This provoked laughter from Brown.

Then we hear Musk and Brown talk to each other and Brown tries to get a tougher response from the billionaire.Come on mine mate, come on“, Brown launches. Suddenly the tone of Musk exchange.You are… Who are you ?“, he asks worriedly.

What do you mean, who am I? I don’t know, you gave me the damn microphoneBrown asks, visibly surprised at the attempt Musk avoid answering his questions.

Hotz again interrupts the conversation by saying: “Let’s stay civilized,” as the other two continue to chat.

I mean, man, you’re in charge of the servers and the programming and all that. what is the stack Elon ?Brown asks again.

Take me from top to bottom. HAVE what does the stack look like right now? What’s so great about that? What’s so unusual about this stack compared to every other major system on the planet, mate? Continue ! Give it to me.

Instead of answering his question, Muskvisibly agitated, resorted to insults.

So, first of all, fantastic. wow. you are an idiot“, say Musk. Brown can be heard laughing in response, as Hotz calls for calm again.

HahaOkay ! I have no credibility here mate, I have no idea what I’m talking about…Brown says sarcastically as the virtual microphone is taken from him.

Well ! What an idiot“, reply Musktrying to get the last word in this awkward exchange. Hotza hacker known for his jailbreaks iOS and for reverse engineering PlayStation 3 (and the subsequent Sony lawsuit)was employed by Musk in November to help him “fix” Twitter.

Twelve weeks later, however, he announced on the platform that he was stepping down, saying he “didn’t think he had a real impact”.

The Twitter explosion followed Musk have announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Twitter after being beaten in his own disastrous poll on the platform.

The Tesla boss said when he posted the poll that he would “respect” the result, even if users asked him to step down. The result was confirmed on Monday morning, with a total of 57.5% of more than 17 million accounts voting for him to leave office.

And on Wednesday he confirmed he would step down from the role he took on in his $44bn takeover – once he finds someone “crazy enough” to replace him.

The billionaire tweeted:I will step down as CEO as soon as I find someone crazy enough to replace him! After that, I just want to manage the software and server teams“.

Usually a prolific user of the platform, Muskwho also runs carmaker Tesla and rocket company SpaceX, did not tweet in the hours after the vote.

He broke his silence shortly before 11:30 p.m. Mondaywhen he answered: ‘Interesting’ on a suggestion from scammer Kim Dot comthat the voting results were skewed by fake accounts.


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