yPredict.ai Presale Exceeds $1.7 Million

yPredict.ai, the innovative project connecting artificial intelligence and machine learning in market analysis, is currently in phase 6 of its presale. This step represents a crucial period in the development of the project, as it allows potential investors to acquire YPRED tokens before they are put into circulation on the open market through CEX.

Even more interestingly, yPredict.ai is reaching a significant financial milestone: the project has almost crossed the $1.8 million fundraising mark. The success of this presale is a reflection of the recognition of the potential of yPredict.ai, its innovative use of AI and its ability to revolutionize the way traders navigate the financial markets.

This is undoubtedly good news that reinforces the positive feeling in the community and promises a bright future for yPredict.ai.

The impact of artificial intelligence in market forecasting.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform many industries, including market forecasting. First, AI can process massive amounts of data with a speed and precision that no human can match. In market forecasting, this means that this technology can quickly and efficiently analyze thousands or even millions of data points to identify trends and patterns. This could allow for more accurate and timely market predictions.

Furthermore, this technology can learn and adapt independently. By using machine learning techniques, AI systems can continuously refine their models and improve their predictions as they process new data. This can make market forecasts more accurate and responsive to changes in market conditions. AI can also integrate a variety of data types into its analyses.

For example, she could analyze financial news, social media trends, global economic conditions and more to help make market predictions. This could provide a more complete and accurate picture of the market than traditional methods. Finally, AI can help automate the market forecasting process. This could free up time and resources to focus on other aspects of business and investment management.

yPredict.ai, a Web3 platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning

YPredict.ai is an innovative research and analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help traders make more informed trading decisions. This solution is action-based and was developed by a team of AI, finance and commerce experts.

Their goal is to provide a range of tools and products that help create sophisticated price prediction models. Financial markets have undergone a drastic transformation with the massive introduction of AI-based trading robots and algorithms. These developments have made these markets far less predictable than before, leading to increased demand for solutions that can help traders navigate this complex environment.

yPredict.ai meets this demand by providing robust data-based metrics that can help predict future market trends. The yPredict.ai ecosystem consists of four main elements: a marketplace offering prediction modelsa sequence oftrading tools and algorithmsA trading terminaland one stake pool of the project currency, which gives an attractive annual return.

The combination of these features creates a powerful trading ecosystem that can help traders increase their profitability when trading cryptocurrencies. yPredict.ai also encourages developers to join its ecosystem. The latter have the possibility to offer their signals through predictive models, based on a monthly subscription, which favors the creation of a service of peer-to-peer trading signals. This approach encourages active participation on the part of users and thus enriches the ecosystem of the platform.

Platform features

As explained earlier, the project offers four essential products that help traders make informed decisions in their trades.

The crypto price prediction platform

It is the tool that gives users free access to price predictions for thousands of cryptocurrencies. The forecasts in this section are generated by internal prediction models and selected by developers. This platform is open to everyone, with no need to register or log in. It is designed to attract traders and show them the benefits of the yPredict.ai ecosystem.

yPredict Analytics

This option gives traders a statistical advantage in the financial markets through a number of tools. The team is working to create a new generation of AI-powered trading tools, including pattern recognition, sentiment analysis, indicator analysis and trade analysis.

yPredict Marketplace

This marketplace attracts AI/ML developers who are already leveraging their skills in the financial markets. This platform allows developers to list their predictive models as a “Results-as-a-Service” subscription option. Traders can then subscribe to receive signals generated monthly. Subscriptions are split so that 70% of the total goes directly to the developer, 20% to the ecosystem and 10% to token holders.

the yPredict terminal

It is an advanced trading platform for professional traders. It allows them to execute orders in the cryptocurrency market using advanced execution orders.

Thus, these products come together to create a powerful analytics suite that helps merchants succeed in their journey.

What is the potential of the yPredict (YPRED) project?

The greatest strength of the yPredict.ai project lies in its design as a self-sustaining ecosystem that expands as new merchants are added. A fundamental feature of this system is its native token, YPRED. YPRED holders get full access to the yPredict.ai Analytics platform at no additional cost.

Thus, the true utility of the YPRED token is demonstrated through platform subscriptions that are paid to use the token. The yPredict.ai marketplace allows users to subscribe to prediction models developed by successful traders using the YPRED token. This peculiarity gives real utility to the token, guaranteeing a constant demand as the number of users of the platform increases.

In addition, the staking service offers regular APY to users who maintain their tokens in the ecosystem. APY is set up to be sustainable, as part of the subscription fee is added directly to the liquidity reserve.

Therefore, the ecosystem is designed to continue to grow and support itself independently. YPRED, built on the Polygon network, includes 5% purchase tax and 7% VAT. These fees contribute to liquidity, development, marketing and research. The team behind the project receives only 5% of the total supply, which minimizes the risk of them pulling a significant amount of tokens from the market. This limited allotment adds security to the investment in YPRED and adds an extra layer of trust and reliability to the entire project.

Partnerships and affiliation program: project popularization tools

Recently, a strategic partnership was announced between yPredict.ai and ShubPy. Recognized for its expertise in developing innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI), ShubPy represents a valuable ally for yPredict.ai.

This alliance promises to deepen and expand yPredict.ai’s product and service offerings, placing these two players at the forefront of the convergence of AI and finance. yPredict.ai and ShubPy intend to combine their resources to develop advanced AI solutions specifically designed for financial markets.

The goal is to provide sophisticated tools to traders and analysts to improve their investment decision-making, reduce risk and maximize returns. Both companies are also committed to making these AI solutions as accessible and user-friendly as possible so that all users, regardless of experience level, can benefit from them.

By democratizing access to artificial intelligence, yPredict.ai and ShubPy seek to promote wider use of this revolutionary technology in the financial industry. However, their partnership is not limited to providing AI-powered tools. It also engages in research and development of new AI and blockchain technologies that can be applied to financial markets.

In addition, the project has also initiated an AI ambassador program, with the aim of developing and consolidating its community of supporters and investors. This program gives enthusiasts a unique chance to promote yPredict.ai and its products while enjoying exclusive benefits in recognition of their commitment. To become yPredict.ai Ambassadors, users must meet certain criteria. One way to do this is to invest in yPredict.ai’s native token, YPRED, worth at least $5,000 and then share their positive impressions on social media. Alternatively, a person can also become an ambassador by actively supporting yPredict.ai by promoting the platform on various social networks.


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