the SPA refuge in Mérignac is saturated and adoptions are falling sharply

In an enclosure near the Bordeaux and South-West SPA refuge, Nathalie and Laurent seem more determined to take the plunge with Pexa, a 3-year-old Setter female. They traveled nearly 70 kilometers from Saint-Symphorien to find a playmate in Mino, a (sterilized) male. “A bastard love recovered at the SPA of Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, in the Landes”, specifies … Read more

Do dogs see the world in black and white?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs cannot see in black and white. Their vision of colors is however different from ours, their spectrum being more limited. This major difference is due to an ocular configuration adapted to the needs of each species. The Siberian husky is famous for its blue eyes. – Ivanova N / Shutterstock … Read more